RSA Microtech manufactures a complete line of secondary and micronutrients sold to distributors and farm supply retail locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our products are applied to the soil or to the plant (foliar applications). They are used by crop producers to improve soil nutrient availability.

Secondary and micronutrients benefit overall crop health and development in a number of ways. They promote root growth, aide in disease resistance, and improve fruit/boll setting and fruit quality.

Crop growers determine the amount and type of secondary and micronutrients needed by taking tissue samples or soil samples, which are sent to laboratories for analysis. Yield goals can also influence the kind, and amount of secondary or micronutrients applied to individual areas with a field.

Most all crops can benefit from application of secondary or micronutrients. However, commercial application is most common on high value crops like sugarbeets, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries and other fruits and vegetable crops. Ongoing research does indicate that corn, soybeans, cotton and alfalfa also respond to increased fertility management, with distinct yield advantages being realized on soybeans, in particular.

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